Visit to guitar making school at Newark College

The students guitars lined up and ready to be plucked!

Last week I visited the guitar making school at Newark College.  It was graduation day and my role was to play as many of their finished instruments as possible, give them feedback from a performers point of view and then select what I considered the best instruments to perform on in the evening. Continue reading

Summer Madness!

Vida GQ relaxing on a beach in Brittany, France.

I am writing this blog following one of the most diverse and interesting summers I have experienced for some years. I have performed as a soloist and with my quartet 'Vida', coached ensembles, adjudicated at music festivals and given masterclasses. I also participated in a pantomime, but the less said about that the better. Thanks Sandra! Continue reading

Chichester Festival for Music, Dance & Speech.

I have just spent a wonderful weekend as the adjudicator of the junior guitar section of the Chichester Festival for Music, Dance & Speech. There were around 100 entries, covering 23 classes overall. They ranged from a class for under 9 year-olds with under one year of tuition, to a recital class for the advanced 18 year old and under.  There was even a class for 'Family Ensembles'.

Continue reading

Teaching Forum

I have started a forum on my teaching page for students, (young or old) to ask any questions regarding their own studies.   Whether it be a question about technique, repertoire or just a general question, ask away. It doesn't matter if you just play for fun or if you think it's a bizarre question, I'll do my best to answer it.